Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Electronic Claim Submission Reduces Paper Claim Procedure resulting to Quick access

Every one of our administrations incorporates qualification check, pre-approval and helps with up to 40%. We comprehend the significance of right data in patient demographics structure and the effect it has on medicinal services specialists' extent of business and rating. We make recording and dealing with the data connected with patient healthcare quick, simple, and efficient.

Features of our Medical Denial Management Services
•    Drag and drop to re-schedule
•    Book appointments with one click
•    Know when your patients arrive at your clinic

Every bit of data in patient demographics structure is critical in light of the fact that right and quality passage of this data straightforwardly affects human services specialists' extent of business and rating. A decent, blunder free patient demographic structure gets precise data for case accommodation. Upgrading however much data as could be expected effectively likewise improves insurance agency's dependence on charging office.

According to client requirements, we do multispecialty charge entry; pore over all claims before sending them to payers for less denials and underpayments, file secondary insurance and follow-up on unpaid or denied claims. We respond to both payers and patient inquiries.

By utilizing our arrangement of telephone, email, instant message updates and cell phone push warning conveyance, you'll achieve your customers in the best and helpful ways that could be available. An appointment reminder administration has demonstrated to increment operational proficiency and decrease no-appears, while additionally boosting staff efficiency and assurance.
To reduce the denials and enhance accuracy, we also perform multispecialty charge entry and pore over all the claims.
•    Receipt of files from the client
•    Download and allocation of files
•    Patient demographics entry
•    EOB follow-up
•    Denial analysis
•    Client feedback

Electronic medical billing is the process by which a health care provider electronically submits a bill, or claim, to a health insurance company, or payer, for the rendering of medical services. Some Advantages of our AR Management Services Houston
  •  Quicker claims submission, which means faster reimbursement to you
  • Reduced clerical time and the costs to process and mail paper claims
  • Simplified record keeping by eliminating lost claims paperwork
  • No paper claims to stock and complete

If you are running a healthcare center, or a claims processing service center, or just looking for an offshore medical billing service provider with a wide experience in all aspects of medical billing, Tausch medical saves your money and day.

Visit us at: www.tauschmedical.com |Call on: +1 281-867-7921|Email at: info@tauschmedical.com.

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