Thursday, 17 March 2016

Medical Billing and Coding Services - Tausch Medical

Medical coding is a key action that affects the monetary health of your practice. Did you realize that around 25% of medical pay is never gathered because of wrong coding, under billing, under valuing or claims that are never repaid? Medical billing outsourcing is the answers for the drifting issues practices in US are confronting today.

Tausch Medical is a leading Medical Billing Company providing error free and accurate in the healthcare outsourcing space, concentrated on all parts of Revenue Cycle Management Services including ICD-10 and CPT coding, insurance verification approvals etc. Every individual from the Tausch family altogether comprehends the need of a medical practice and has a consolidated affair of more than 65 years.

Does your medical office need to minimize billing denials, build proficiency in the billing process, cut down on expenses, and guarantee convenient repayment all in the meantime? By outsourcing your medical billing and coding services, you can:

  • Get speedier, more precise claims
  • Reduce your authoritative weight and costs
  • Optimize your revenue while lessening consistence risk
  • Ensure the most astounding level of information uprightness
  • Increase income by lessening slack days and enhancing claims accommodation
  • Get unsurprising results from our propelled work process management framework
How Medical Billing and Coding Services can Advantage a Healthcare Practice?
  • Manages and decreases the opportunity to payment
  • Error free insurance verification, charge section, and claim process
  • Assist in enhancing the stream of revenue that comes into your practice
  • Maximum measure of revenue gathered for your practice while reducing the expenses and bothers that occur inside of your billing office
Outsourcing medical billing and coding gives an entrance to quality services, while decreasing your current working expenses by no less than 40%. Our end-to-end Medical Billing and Coding Services can address every one of your issues, from following up on pending medical claims, access denied claims, following receivable adjusts, or starting accumulations. 

Why Choose Tausch Medical?
  • Flaws in coding or mistakes in information are the fundamental driver for claims getting denied.
  • We are exceptionally adaptable and can give you altered medical billing and coding services to meet your particular necessities.
  • Our group will keep you updated about the status of your claims, by giving you advance reports. The reports will incorporate insights about efficiency, system code examination, projections.
  • We follow a procedure that incorporates steps, for example, Insurance Eligibility Verification, Patient Demographic Entry, CPT/ICD-9 Coding, Charge Entry, Claims Submission, Accounts Receivables Follow-up, Payment Posting, Denial Analysis and Accounts Receivables Management.
We give the quality services you requirement for coding and billing so you can recover your accounts on track and streamline the operations of your office. Our medical forte specialists guarantee they are in front of your rivals. Our objectives are to help your revenue and assemble cheerful customers, since that is the thing that makes us feel advantageous. Call on: +1 281-867-7921.

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